An abrupt ending

Sadly, our tour will be coming to an end rather sooner than expected. We’ve had a family bereavement and will, therefore, be returning to cold and grey England rather sooner than we wanted. Probably next Sunday or Monday.

There’ll be a few more posts before then though as we’re doing a whistlestop tour of some of the places we were hoping to see – so watch this space and I’ll tell you about the whale watching later.

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7 thoughts on “An abrupt ending

  1. Chris Almond

    Sorry to hear of your bereavement, who has passed? xx

  2. Fiona, how sad for you and Ray. How long before you have to be back in the UK? x

  3. Jenny McLachlan

    Hi Fo. Sorry to hear about your aunt’s death and that you’re having to leave Sri Lanka. Will you go back after everything’s sorted in England? I’ve only just got around to looking at your blog again mainly because you sent this latest email! I’d forgotten about where to find your blog so thanks for the reminder. Enjoy the rest of the week there and all the best for your trip back home. xx

  4. Olga Oakenfold

    Sorry to hear about your sad news.I just printed out your last post to share with our yoga friends at Uni.. I hope you can continue your journey later. Lots of love from Olga xxx

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