A prawn for lunch

Yes, A prawn for lunch – but more on him later.

Yesterday Ray and I went into Hikkaduwa with Manhel. She was off to do the shopping as usual but we were heading for a massage!

Now I’ve had many massages over the years – indeed I’ve been referred to as a massage tart because if it’s on offer, I’ll always be the first to volunteer. This one though was a little different.

For a start, Ray and I were in a room together. We were both stripped to the waist with a curtain between us – not to hide us from each other but to hide the male masseur from the site of my naked flesh. I was in the capable hands of a lady who clearly knew what she was doing as, face down, oil was poured – and I do mean poured – all over my legs.

It rapidly became apparent that she was setting the pace and that our massages were synchronised. Whatever she did to me was happening in exactly the same way and at the same time as it happened to Ray. My toes and feet were pulled and slapped at exactly the same time Ray’s were pulled and slapped. Pretty much everything was covered and I’d have had trouble explaining if there was something I didn’t want done as the lady concerned had almost no English at all.

We both finished by having oil poured over our heads and a thorough head massage took place. An amazing feeling but one that leaves you looking distinctly messy! I did get one thing then that Ray couldn’t have – she pulled my hair. She took small bundles of hair and pulled them, quite hard. Obviously something to do with getting the scalp tingling, it felt brilliant but Ray’s got such a short crop there was nothing for the masseur to get hold of.

We oozed our way out of the Ayuverdic centre and downstairs to pay £15.00 each for a good hour’s massage session! Brilliant. We’ll both be back for more.

We then ambled down the road to “The Cool Spot”, rated by Lonely Planet as a good restaurant in Hikkaduwa. We’d been before and the guy in charge remembered Ray as they quickly got onto the subject of cricket….. some time later we were allowed to look at the menu.

We fancied some fish and so two large trays of fish were brought for us to choose from and there, taking up most of one of the trays were four humungous prawns. I’ve eaten very large king prawns before but these were Hannibal, Charlemagne, Henry VIII and Queen Victoria all rolled into one prawn!

They were, apparently, giant river prawns. My camera is playing up, unfortunately so I’m not happy with the photos but take a look at this site and scroll down until you see the one on the man’s hand.http://texasfishingforum.com/forums/ubbthreads.php/topics/4614720/1 (not sure why the only decent picture is something to do with fishing in Texas but still).

Who could resist? We had one each plus three normal sized prawns each, just for comparison, together with a lassi for me, beer for him, a bottle of water, salad, chips, garlic bread and Watalapan (pudding, delicious!) for less than £15.00 in total. Absolutely wonderful.

And how did he taste, my megalithic prawn? Well, very prawny, slightly chewier than a normal prawn and quite delicious. Now, what to try next?

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7 thoughts on “A prawn for lunch

  1. Carole Baker

    Good to see you are enjoying yourselves from the last few postings – I was getting a tad worried that Ski Lanka was not going to live up to expectations from your early comments but clearly 3 weeks into your adventure you are settling into your surroundings nicely and finding the all important things like massage parlours and decent places to eat. Slighty concerned that despite the heat and humidity you are still finding it possible to eat chips and puddings – shame on you – that is not going to help with the diet now is it!!!
    Himself sends his love as do I to you both from a slightly less snowy but still somewhat chilly England.

  2. Lol

    Now that’s what I call a prawn! Your reaction to it reminds me a bit of my first sight of a full-sized sardine. I had no idea they could get that big!!! Keep experimenting. Fun and wonderment, L X

  3. SSH

    I don’t doubt Sri Lankan prawns are big, but you know us Americans, we do BIG! Clearly your next trip if you like fish should be to Alaska where prawns are the size of your hand, and crabs take 2 people to lift. I cannot seem to attach a photo here so will send you an example to your email so you can compare! SSH

  4. Olga Oakenfold

    I am so glad you are enjoying your self! Massage sounds fantastic! I want the same 🙂

  5. Claire W

    Getting really envious of the massages… Been a long time since I had a good massage, the ones I’ve had in the UK are all so … polite. I miss the East European/Turkish massages that made you worry you’d never walk again while it was happening but left you feeling absolutely fabulous for hours and days afterwards – sigh!

    • These Sri Lankan ones are somewhat in between, depending on who is giving them. I’m due to have a “hard” massage tomorrow, so watch this space!

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