A bit more on Galle

All the fish is, apparently freshly caught that morning.

All the fish is, apparently freshly caught that morning.

It’s a few days since we visited Galle but I’ve looked back and don’t think I did it justice. Add to which, I hadn’t downloaded the photos when I first wrote.

We drove to Galle from Hikkaduwa by tuk-tuk which was an experience in itself. A drive all along the coast showed us just how built up the whole coastal region has become and clearly, these are prime sites for some amazing villas and classy looking hotels.  Just outside Galle itself we passed a modern looking building which, we’re told, is where all the international cricket teams stay when they’re playing at the Galle ground.

We passed a very busy Galle station on our left and then onto an amazing roundabout where no one seemed to have right of way. Across to the right and down a short road was the entrance to the fort itself. Along the road outside the fort were the fish sellers displaying their catch in the sunshine for all to choose.

Needless to say, we didn’t stop and buy but moved through the gate into the fort itself. It was an amazing site. Little lanes criss-crossed between the walls of the fort itself and there were numerous old houses and churches, built or modified by the various invaders in the past.

We went into one or two – I’ll try and find some pictures of these and post them later – then we went to the lighthouse and walked along the wall itself. Stunning views out to sea! Heading off around the side, still in our tuk-tuk we took in a beautiful old colonial hotel. I slipped in to use their loo and found a party of about 8 English women sitting together having what looked like a reading group session! I wonder whether they all lived close by?

We went to the museum of marine history which was interesting – I told you about that earlier, I think but probably the highlight for Ray was to go to the highest point in the fort and look down on the Galle Cricket Ground. I can’t think why, one patch of green looks much like any other to me.

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