Possibly why we’re here?

Waiting to get back into the sea

Sometimes I think I need a camera that works underwater. But then, if I had one would I remember to take it with me? Would I be quick enough to get it working in time? And would I be so busy looking down the lens I’d fail to appreciate what I was looking at.

Yesterday we went swimming at the bay here in Hikkaduwa. It’s something we do most days but yesterday was special.

I’ve started wearing goggles so I can swim underwater and see the fish – I can’t cope with a full face mask like Ray does for when he goes snorkling. I  pop under, blowing bubbles madly out of my nose and for a short while enjoy the sites of the seabed. I know you divers out there will think I’m pathetic but you’ve not had your nose broken three times. Blocking my nose just puts me in a panic. Anyway…

There I was bubbling away when Ray waved for me to come over. I went further out on to the reef area than I’d ever done before to see a HUGE turtle! Ray and a  couple of others were there before me and one man was handfeeding the turtle with waterweed. He (or maybe it was a she) was magnificent and I kept popping under, bubbling away and having a good look. Suddently there he was swimming towards me – I stayed quite still (well, as still as you can with the Indian Ocean’s waves pushing you about) and he swam past me, brushing me with his flpper as he went.

There is something about swimming with big sea creatures that is really special and he’ll stay with me as a highlight of this holiday for a long while. If I’d had an underwater camera, I’d have a picture to show you. But it all happened so quickly I might have missed him!

The fish were pretty fabulous too by the way! PS The babies in the photo were smaller than my hand – they’re waiting to go back in the sea. The guy I swam with was about the same size as a small child!


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3 thoughts on “Possibly why we’re here?

  1. Fiona, just how lovely is that ? Made me feel much better thinking about that turtle and what a shame you could not take a photo. Does sound lovely being able to swim everyday in the lovely ocean, wish I was there.

    I did reply to a previous blog but I do not think it arrived so I am going to keep this short and hope it arrives. How are you getting on with the book?

    Take care Paula x

    • Hi, this is the first I’ve had from you – never mind, it’s a good one!

      Struggling with the heat again today – we didn’t go for a swim as I was working (yes, really, I’m still working, even here).

      As for the book, all finished – my comments will follow but not on here.

  2. Lol

    How thrilling, F! I would have loved that – I still think about my Jamaican dolphins. I wonder who they’re playing with now? Those little ones are adorable! Breaks my heart when you see film of newly hatched being picked off by birds before they can make it to the water. I guess what you saw were very lucky ones. I am keeping the good jokes for you in your own folder ‘keep for F’ – I shall drip feed them to you on your return! Keep up the fun and wonderment! Love, L X

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