Lazy day in a hammock!

Yes, we have a hammock! It was only put up yesterday, ten days after we arrived even though we were told it was here already.

After breakfast today we went down to town to the bank by tuk-tuk. It took ages and sterling travellers cheques seemed to cause some consternation.

From there we went to the Ayuverdic clinic where the doctor checked out our bites and gave us some anti-itch oil. We didn’t put it on ourselves though, oh no, we’ve got far too lazy for that! Ray had a whole body massage (literally head to toe) and I had a foot and leg massage (my third so far!). Both of us were “finished off” with the anti itch oil and then given a bottle to take away with us.  It seems to be helping but that could just be because we’re so laid back we’ve forgotten how to feel itchy.

Needless to say we were exhausted qfter that and Ray collapsed on the bed whilst I collapsed in the hammock. Rocking gently in the shade was a lovely way to spend the afternoon.  I’d like to say I was rocking between two coconut palms but actually, it’s had to be put between two pillars of the terrace at the front of the house. I lay there and could at least see the coconut palms!

When we eventually woke up we had supper that was various vegetable curries and a fried fish.

I’ve always said I’ve never found a fish I didn’t like to eat – well, now I have. I’m really not at all sure what it is and Manel isn’t able to tell me. Suffice to say it’s one we hope not to have again. It looks like small tuna but the flavour is really quite unpleasant. When I find out what it is, I’ll let you know.

Right, enough for tonight. There is a HUGE, H..U..G..E.. bug in the living room and I want to get to bed before it spots me and thinks I’m its dinner!

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2 thoughts on “Lazy day in a hammock!

  1. Dee

    Well well, sounds sooo exhausting! wonder what the fish was? AND the bug? enjoy, cats are both well, feeling the cold a bit I think cwytched in front and behind the heater. We had a bit of snow over night which stuck ’til noonish but disappeared to wetness which of course has no where to go so hope it doesn’t freeze to night as the roads will be massive skating rinks, could be interesting! and allthough my 4×4 should be able to cope I don’t think I’m going to risk skating through Broadmoor for a loaf of bread! Love to you both x

  2. Lol

    How wonderful to have a hammock! Unfortunately, if you got me in one (too inflexible now) you would probably never get me out! Shame about the fish. Like you, I love seafood. Only thing I’ve never been able to eat is oysters because they look like snots! Maybe I’d like them cooked. L X

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