A day out in Galle

We had a great day out yesterday. We accidentally found ourselves a tour guide the day before – he picked us up in his tuk tuk when we wanted a lift back to the house after I’d had an Ayuverdic massage (about which more later). When we asked him how much he said “As you wish”!! Most of the drivers as for more than the going rate – which we know because we’ve got Manel, our cook who has told us no more than 150 rupees. I offered that he agreed. On our way back he told us he was a registered tour guide and we asked him how much to take us to Galle for the day. Again he said “As you wish” but we said no, come on, how much for the whole day. He said 3,000/- (about £15) and we said we’d talk about it.

When we got in, we looked him up and, sure enough, he is indeed a registered guide – and there aren’t that many of them. So when we worked out the logistics of a tuk tuk to the station from here, plus the cost of the train and then tuk tuk’s around Galle (and on to Unawatwna beach) we decided to go with him and I’m glad we did because we had a great day. We went around the fort, Ray did some shopping (a new shirt and tee shirt), we went to a number of museums, had lunch, saw the turtles and he had a head, neck and shoulder massage!! We got through about £50 – rather more than we expected but hey, it was a good day. He was especially pleased to have seen the Galle cricket ground (yawn!).

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4 thoughts on “A day out in Galle

  1. Trudy and Greg

    I love your blog and am trying to persuade Himself that the mozzies are not that big. Do you have a fan or aircon at the house/appartment? Can you swim where you are?

    Himself: Failing favourable answers we’ll be staying in Galle.

    • Thanks Trood. The mozzies love me and Ray because we are so fair and so unused to the sun so our skins are really pale. You two, like the other Aussies I’ve seen around, will be fine. And we have both fans, air con and mozzie nets in the house.
      We can’s swim from outside the front door – it’s a walk (or a tuk-tuk ride) to the beach. If it’s early (and cooler) we walk. If it’s later in the morning, we take the tuk-tuk.
      To Himself, why do you think Galle will be any better? And anyway, we’re thinking of decamping to Kandy for the final month where it WILL be cooler. It’s central, so you can still see places if you want.

    • Chris Almond

      Hi, glad you both landed okay, mozzies are a real pest have you tried baby oil, it works really well as the oil prevents the mozzies from biting, instead they slip… Well worth a try and it smells a little nicer than citronella xxx

  2. Lol

    You’re definitely fitting in now! L X

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