Sri Lanka – in the beginning

Everyone told me I should write  a blog about our travels and I missed out on doing it in Spain so here I go, starting in Sri Lanka.

Just a few days after we arrived here I was really worried Ray (the other half) would want to go home. It’s supposed to be a quiet place, here in our house in the jungle but the noise can be overwhelming at times.

I wouldn’t mind the animals but our neighbours leave a lot to be desired. We were woken at about 5:30 the other morning with what sounded like shouting in our bedroom followed by a radio on at full volume! The garden of the neighbour’s house backs onto our bedroom wall and they use their outside space for everything, it seems. Add to this the fact that Ray wasn’t feeling too well and I really thought he was going to want to head home. Fortunately he’s now changing his mind.

In spite of everything, I’m really enjoying it here – everything being (aside from the 5:30/6:00am starts) the humungous mosquito bites and the sunburn. There is something very strange and more than usually foreign about this place. You really have to relax and  go with the flow.  </p

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3 thoughts on “Sri Lanka – in the beginning

  1. Jenny McLachlan

    I’m going to enjoy reading your blogs Fo! I should have done the same while I was living in China and then Fiji, but to be honest never thought about it. However, I have plenty of email correspondence and photos to bring back the memores.

    You still haven’t explained what you’re doing there ‘in the jungle’ of Sri Lanka ….. can you elaborate please?

  2. Linda Spratling

    Not sure if you got my reply? But here we go again. Got your first blog chapter – sounds like a whole new experience. Looks like you’ll have to copy the locals to get really acclimatised & comfortable (hours, dress, food, way of life).

    Looking forward to seeing pictures of your trips out and where you are living.

    Linda xx

  3. Lol

    Quite a few teething troubles but they all sound like things you could get used to. My 2 months in India were similar – a massive culture shock really L X

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